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RexSauren's Cave

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Well, lets begin with a simple fact list:
  1.   Male
  2.   Married [quite happily]
  3.   Born in the USA in 1950
  4.   Ex USAF NCO
  5.   Spent 16 years with the State of Florida;  retired in early 2005 from a position as a Child Abuse Investigator.
  6.   Currently own and opperate two businesses in South Florida.
  7.   Hobbies include:

    a.  Chess

    b.  Reading

    c.  Shooting

    d. IRC

    e.  RPG - Mostly AD&D

    f.  Enjoying time with Family &       




Yep, that's me.
Not my best side.
Someone took my coffee!

What a morning!

ME get frustrated? Hard to believe, huh?


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Man Who would be King.
Scent of a Woman.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Brooks & Dunn, Aerosmith, Kenny Chesny, Delbert McClinton.

Build begun on March 5, 2006.